Front End Development Web Design Course

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Training Type: Online
Price: 12,500 6,999
Level: Intermediate
  Duration: 42hrs
Pax: 3 to 10 Students
Technologies: HTML5, CSS3, JS and JQUERY
Job Preperation: Yes
HandOuts: Yes
Pre-Requisites: Knowledge in computer

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About This Specialization

This website development training provides an introduction to basic and advanced techniques in term of building website.
The course focuses on using HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript to implement a fully functional website after the course.

Through web development courses, you’ll gain skills to start or advance a career as
a Front End Web Developer. You’ll learn to build static and dynamic websites that deliver content in a
variety of formats for computers, smartphones, tablets, and the next “it” device.

Training Goal

  • Learn the fundamentals of HTML and HTML5
  • Learn Optimizing your HTML Page for SEO
  • Learn the how to style HTML elements using CSS and CSS3
  • Learn the core syntax of javascript to help your website more functional
  • Learn javascript library, the jQuery it help your website run smoothly
  • Learn how to convert PSD Photoshop Design into Perfect HTML
  • Create a functional website with cross browser compatible and W3C Validated
target goal


Class Schedule Start Date End Date Status
Every Saturday 9:00am - 3:00pm Saturday, 11th November 2017 Saturday, 23rd December 2017 open


  • Introduction to HTML
  • HTML Syntax
  • Metadata and the Document Head
  • Elements
  • Attributes
  • Paragraph
  • Headings
  • Images
  • Hyperlinks
  • Lists
  • Tables
  • Frames
  • Forms
  • Styles
  • HTML5 header
  • HTML5 footer
  • HTML5 navigation
  • Nesting structure
  • aside
  • Checking Document Structure
  • figure and figcaption
  • HTML5 Lists
  • Emphasizing Text
  • Address Element
  • small element
  • mark element
  • date and time
  • Link relationships
  • HTML5 Canvas
  • Importing Objects
  • Importing Video
  • Importing Audio
  • Introduction to CSS
  • Inline, Internal and External CSS
  • Element, Class, and ID Selectors
  • Formatting Text
  • Formatting Images
  • Using Color and Backgrounds
  • Creating Borders
  • Formatting Links
  • Positioning Elements by Floating (Problem With Float and its Solution)
  • Relative, Absolute and Static Element Positioning
  • Combining Selectors
  • Pseudo-Class Selectors
  • Browser compatibility (Reset)
  • About CSS3
  • Transitions
  • Applying Transitions
  • Animation
  • CSS3 – Gradients
  • CSS3 Filters
  • Multi Column Layout
  • CSS3 Background
  • Box Model
  • CSS Box Model with box-sizing
  • text-shadow
  • CSS Preprocessors
  • Flexbox
  • Media Queries (Responsive Design)
  • SASS and LESS Introduction

From this stage we are going to learn what are different kinds of html element that are using in optimizing a page for SEO.

  • Understanding the structure of JavaScript code
  • Where to write your JavaScript
  • Creating variables
  • Working with operators
  • Working with conditional code
  • Working with loops
  • Creating functions
  • Working with arrays
  • Working with numbers
  • Working with strings
  • Working with dates
  • Working with objects
  • What is the DOM?
  • Working with nodes and elements
  • DOM Events

This lesson will handle the use of different kinds of built in icons like fontawesome and more…

This lesson will focus on how to use the Font Face and Google Fonts in dealing with none web safe fonts.

  • Introduction to jQuery
  • Setting up jQuery
  • jQuery Syntax & Selector
  • DOM Ready
  • Selecting Elements in jQuery
  • Attribute Selector
  • Filtering Elements
  • Handling Events
  • Events Types
  • Introduction to Bootstrap
  • Why use BootStrap?
  • First BootStrap page
  • BootStrap Containers
  • BootStrap Grid System
  • Typography BootStrap
  • Handling Tables
  • Form Handling
  • Input Controls
  • Modifying and Handling Form Elements
  • Form Validation
  • Image Handling
  • Glyphicons
  • Pagination
  • Handling Nav Items
  • Nav Classes
  • Navbars
  • Modals
  • Carousel
  • What is domain
  • What is hosting
  • what is ftp
  • how to upload your website


Front End Development entails building a well-designed, effective, and responsive website with the use of HTML, CSS, JavaScript. The result must be something which a user can directly interact with.

Coding literacy is known to be a very in-demand skill that only very few people have mastered.  Learning front-end development can sharpen your coding skills and give you an edge over the many other applicants who want to be hired or get that promotion.

This training is for entry level. No background knowledge is required.

Full payment before taking the said training. We will forward to you the Company Bank Account where you will deposit the training fee.

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