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Type: Online
Level: Intermediate
  Duration: 32hrs
Pax: 3 to 10 Students
Technologies: HTML5, CSS3, JS and JQUERY
Job Preperation: Yes
HandOuts: Yes
Pre-Requisites: Knowledge in computer

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About This Specialization

This website development training provides an introduction to the skills and techniques needed in order to maximize the use of WordPress, a very popular and powerful platform used by both amateur and professional web developers.

Wordpress can power different websites, ranging from the simplest blogs to the most complicated e-commerce websites.

It houses a lot of functions that you can use with just a click of a button and upgrade with a few codes. Finishing this training will help you master all the WordPress functions and use all its components to make a stunning and functional website, as well as build themes that you can use.

Training Goal

  • Building and modifying a profile
  • Publishing posts and pages
  • Inserting images, video, and other media
  • Setting up a site for search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Converting Photoshop design to HTML and CSS
  • Moving HTML and CSS into a WordPress theme


Class Schedule Start Date End Date Status
Every MWF 9:00am - 3:00pm Monday, 6th February 2017 Friday, 17th February 2017 open


What is WordPress?
Exploring the difference between cloud hosting and self-hosting

Getting the necessary info from your host
Downloading WordPress
Uploading WordPress to your host
Installing WordPress

Setting up WordPress
Logging in to the WordPress Admin area for the first time
Using the WordPress toolbar
Testing your WordPress site

Editing your profile
Creating profile images with Gravatar
Configuring site settings

Understanding the difference between posts and pages
Creating a new post
Advanced text formatting in a new post
Creating and managing links
Adding images
Adding an image gallery
Adding images, video, and audio from external sources
Adding categories, tags, post formats, excerpts, and other elements
Managing post categories and tags
Publishing a post

Creating a basic page
Organizing page hierarchy
Using page templates
Creating a static front page

Managing media from the Admin panel
Understanding how WordPress handles media

Installing plug-ins
Creating a contact page with a contact form
Troubleshooting when a plug-in crashes a site

Installing new themes from the WordPress Themes directory
Installing new themes from the Internet
Configuring themes
Best practices for working with themes

Accessing the wp-content folder
Manually installing themes and plug-ins
What to do when your site crashes

Exploring theme options
Setting a custom background
Setting custom header images
Using the Showcase page template
Customizing the Showcase widgets
Using post formats

Using widgets
Using Jetpack widgets
Creating custom widgets using the Text Widget
Creating custom menus
Customizing the Showcase widgets
Using post formats

Managing site users
Managing comments
Using Disqus to handle comments and avoid spam

Importing and exporting content from WordPress

Backing up a WordPress site
Restoring a site from a crash
Keeping WordPress up to date

Converting Photoshop to HTML/CSS
Building a WordPress Theme


Wordpress is said to be the most powerful blogging and content management system available today. It is very advanced yet is also very easy to understand, hence, it is the most preferred website creation tool by both amateurs and professionals.

A WordPress Developer is one of the most in-demand jobs around the globe today, and companies are willing to pay a lot for their WordPress developers. You can start your journey on the corporate ladder with this job, or put up a business of your own with a team that specializes in using WordPress.

You should have a background on HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP.

Full payment before taking the said training. We will forward to you the Company Bank Account where you will deposit the training fee.

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