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Basic Front End Development

Learn to create interactive website

Become a Front End Developer in 42 hours

Learn HTML, CSS, Custom Responsive Website, JS and JQuery Online from our Senior Front End Developer.

Wordpress Development

Learn to create CMS website

Become a WordPress Developer in 36 hours

Learn how to move HTML and CSS into a WordPress theme, creating simple plugins and publishing posts and pages.

PHP & MySQL Development

Learn to create Database Driven website

Become a Front End Developer in 36 hours

Learn the PHP Syntax, how MySQL works,  how to create login form, create dynamic interactive pages with PHP.


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get enrolled


Enrolling in the topic of your choice is really easy. Go to the topic, locate the enrollment form and enter your basic details. Wait for our response for the payment option then make a payment, and you’re all set to start.

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start session


Take part in the classes conducted by our team of instructors who are recognized as experts in their own fields. Learn how they developed their techniques and at the comfort of your own home.

Step 3

performance evaluation


Measure how much you have learned from the lessons through getting evaluated by our instructors. At the same time, you can evaluate the instructors and give us feedback on the quality of their training, too!

Step 4

student goal


Get extra tips and learn more techniques that could help you boost your IT career from our team. Once you’re equipped with knowledge from them, you are ready to jumpstart your career!



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Tektile is the best online training center that can equip you with the necessary knowledge and skills that you need in order to have a successful and lasting career in Information Technology.

We guarantee quality education delivered in the most informative, interactive, creative, and enjoyable way. Our team, composed of experts in the field of Information Technology, will be able to answer all your queries and help you develop skills that are essential for programmers and website developers.

In today’s knowledge-based economy, what you earn depends on what you learn. So, if you’re ready to begin your journey to your dream career, join us now!


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